“I first met Stuart some 9 years ago, when he helped me with some medical insurance queries whilst I was working overseas. Since relocating to London last year, finding a local advisor who could help me strategise historical international investment plans proved to be a challenge.

Despite being out of touch for many years, Stuart was happy to talk with me about my existing plans, helped me understand how the products worked and what my options were. I am now better informed and able to make the right decision for my needs.”

Alexander Tully, 7th March 2018

“We wanted to get an independent review of our financial situation and discuss priorities and goals so we have a plan to work towards, otherwise it is all too easy to put saving off till another day/year! Our first target was to be able to purchase a property. It was important to us that our finances were on a sound footing before committing to the purchase. Stuart gave us lots of useful information on budgeting, retirement planning and wills and has introduced us to a qualified mortgage broker. We are now in a position to start house hunting and feel we have a more rounded view of our finances and goals.”

Ian Rose, 19th February 2018

“When it comes to financial advice, it is difficult to know who to trust. Stuart was recommended to us by a friend who was pleased with his service and used his services for a number of years. Always happy to answer questions clearly and simply, we are glad to have him as our adviser and never hesitate to reach out to him for an advice.”

Nina Ptok, 27th January 2018

“My wife and I first met Stuart about 10 years ago and have always felt comfortable referring to Stuart whenever we needed financial advice. When we first met, we had a number of financial products we did not fully understand. He was able to answer all our questions clearly, honestly and most importantly, objectively. We have always been happy with the advice he gave to us. We would not hesitate in recommending Stuart to anyone who requires financial advice.”

Adrian Deegan, 10th December 2017