Medical Insurance

Medical insurance provides for the cost of medical treatment. It is mandatory in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, anyone using one of the basic plans should make sure they understand the limits of these policies.

How Can It Help Me?

Anyone who has paid for their own medical services in UAE will know it is expensive. Whilst doctors consultations may be affordable, more serious conditions requiring urgent medical attention can be financially ruinous.

When Would I Use Medical Insurance?

No-one knows when they are next going to be ill, or whether the illness will be serious or minor. The financial consequences of poor health can be significant. Medical insurance provides for the cost of treatment.

What Else Should I Know?

Due to local legislation, residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi must be covered for pre-existing conditions. This includes chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. In many cases, insurance companies are free to charge what premium they wish. Consequently, people with pre-existing conditions often see significant increases in the premium they are initially quoted and the one they are asked to pay.

Using a broker does not affect your premium and may actually save you money as they are able to research the market for a product wish best matches your needs and circumstances.

What Should I Do Next?

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