Home Insurance

What is it?

Home Insurance has two elements: buildings and contents.

The building element covers the actual building usually against fire, flood and other potentially damaging events. Most people in UAE who rent do not have this type of policy as it is seen as the property owners responsibility.

Contents insurance cover those items within the property. The same risks are covered as for the building element but they often include theft and accidental damage.

How Can It Help Me?

A building is a valuable asset and so most people would want to replace it if it was lost due to an unforeseen event. The same is true for contents insurance.

When Would I Use It?

Most people have this type of insurance when they buy a property or begin to accumulate assets which they could not afford to easily replace.

What Else Should I know?

Most policies work on a replacement basis which means that you will be paid the estimated value of the item which you are claiming for. The alternative is a new for old policy. This provides you with a new product.

What Should I Do Next?

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