Employee Savings Schemes

Employee savings schemes are common in Europe and the USA. As a result, they are recognised as an important element of the employment benefits package. They are less common in the Middle East.

The employer and employee element of the plans can be segregated. This makes them ideal to use in planning for End of Service payments as well as long term employee goals such as retirement.

The employee benefits from lower costs and greater flexibility of their investments. The employer benefits by uncoupling of their gratuity liability from the cash flow of the company. This makes the employer more financially stable. Consequently, it is better able to withstand the peaks and troughs associated with an emerging economy like Middle East.

Employee Savings Scheme

What Is The Problem?

The lack of Employee Savings Schemes results in many individuals investing in expensive and inflexible private arrangments or worse making no savings at all. Many employees leave their home country looking for a chance to save some money and build a better life for their families. This need has existed since there have been expatriates. However, traditional financial services providers have been slow in providing a viable solution. The majority of savings plans are not structured in a way which is compatible with the uncertainty of expatriate life. Consequently, this can have serious long term impacts on this financial health.

What Is The Solution?

The latest technology has enabled new players into the market. They offer low cost, highly automated solutions. This means platforms minimise employer involvement in the administration of the scheme. However, they do provide access to a wide range of professionally managed investments using the latest cloud-based technology.

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