Chartered Financial Planner

The title Chartered Financial Planner is granted by Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The CII is a globally recognised professional body based in London working in the financial services sector with over 100,000 members. It was formed by Royal Charter in 1912. To become a Chartered Financial Planner requires serious dedication to financial planning as a career. There are 3 requirements: academic, experience and ethics.

Academic Credentials

To apply for Chartership, a financial planner must have passed the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, an RFQ level 6 professional qualification offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). This is the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree from a UK University. The body of knowledge needed to achieve this is estimated to require over 1,000 hours of study and up to 16 examinations on a wide range of financial planning topics.


In addition to the academic requirement, candidates must have at least 5 years relevant industry experience. This is important as over a 5-year period an adviser will experience a full economic cycle. Each phase of the economic cycle will see different demands made upon them by clients.


Charter holders are held to the highest of ethical standards. They are required to work for the benefit of their clients and to maintain a high and current degree of knowledge in their chosen areas of specialism. Their commitment to knowledge and ethics is closely monitored by the CII via the continuous professional development programme (CPD) and the registration of formal complaints made against members.

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