£10,000 Inheritance Tax Windfall for UK Property Owners

A small ray of sunshine in this difficult time. On the 6th April […]

#FinancialIndependence 4 Harry & Meghan

Hints and Tips for Harry and Meghan as they seek #Financialindependence

2 Steps Forward for Insurance Regulation in UAE?

3 ideas for improving customer experience in U.A.E. financial sector which were not included in the new regulations but which we hope for in the future.

Health Insurance Risk

Health Insurance is mandatory for all expats living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. […]

The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor was first published in 1949. It is one of the […]

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is an excellent read. It is a […]

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

This post seeks to answer the following questions about the Financial Adviser role: […]

Do I Need A Lawyer To Prepare A Will?

DIY, Will Writer or Lawyer? Which is the best option for you?

How To Avoid Poor Financial Decisions

I remember coming to Dubai for the first time in 1999 from the […]

What To Do Before You Start Saving

One of the many reasons people move to Dubai is the tax-free salary. […]

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