About the Author

Thanks for reading my blog. I’m Stuart and I live and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is a vibrant and exciting place in which to live and I am proud to have been able to call it my home since 2001. The blend of almost every nationality and culture on earth in a city of about 3 million people means that you get to meet people from so many different backgrounds and see so many thought provoking things.

By profession, I am an independent financial adviser or wealth manager. This means that I am not linked to any product or service provider and can speak to my clients about any product available in the market. I am employed by my clients to provide them with professional unbiased financial advice.

I have been advising corporate and private clients on financial issues since 1988. Whilst I am from United Kingdom my clients come from far and wide and due to the fact that most expatriates usually only stay in United Arab Emirates for a few years I have clients all over the world.

As a qualified financial planner, I am able to assist clients with most of their financial planning requirements however over the years my practice has specialised in employee benefits, such as group medical insurance and investment and portfolio management for private clients. Full details of my professional career can be found on my LinkedIn page which is accessible if you click the LinkedIn button above.

I hope that the information in this blog will be of use to a wide range of people and organisations.

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