Do I Need A Lawyer To Prepare A Will?

Will preparation for expatriates is not straight-forward. But you do not need a lawyer to prepare your Will under English law. In the same way, you do not need a lawyer to do your conveyancing in the UK when you buy a house or represent you in court.

But there may be circumstances where it makes sense. The Money Advice Service, a UK government-funded organisation, recommends professional advice where you have assets outside of the UK.

Things to Consider When Writing Your Will

Wills for Expats in Dubai

Will Preparation for Expatriates

What alternatives does The Money Advice Service suggest?

Lawyers have been the traditional route of Will preparation for expatriates. However, in the last 30 years, the number of professional will writers has increased. Will writers are specialists focused on will preparation.

Will writers fill a gap in the market between those who do not feel confident enough to write their own Will but do not wish to engage a lawyer, with the potential fees.

Not everyone holding themselves out to be Will writers are professionally qualified. Will writers should be professionally qualified and affiliated with an organisation such as Society of Will Writers (SWW) or Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW) which provide professional indemnity insurance. For example, I am a member of SWW and also qualified under STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

SWW and IPW focus on the UK but STEP is an international organisation. STEP has more than 22,000 members worldwide in over 100 jurisdictions. This makes STEP members ideal for expatriates seeking assistance in preparing their Wills.

For more information on Will preparation for expatriates, see our sister site Great British Wills. This site provides information on the various types of Will available to Dubai residents.

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