Are You an Ant or a Grasshopper?

Aesop’s Fables may have been written about 2,500 years ago but they still have a resonance today as people still have the same problems and experiences. The Ant and the Grasshopper is a particularly relevant tale…

In this story we join the ant and the grasshopper in summer, both live in the same meadow and enjoy a wonderful life. But the ant is busy storing food in his nest. Meanwhile the grasshopper is hopping around without a care in the world and eating what he wants as there is abundant food in the meadow. The grasshopper see the ant and curious he asks the ant what is he doing. The ant warns the grasshopper, ‘Winter is coming.’ The grasshopper mocks the little ant laughing,’Why should I spend time storing food that I may not need?’ He then continues on with his life.

The summer comes to an end and autumn starts. Food is a little less abundant but the grasshopper continues to play in the autumn sun. The ant and the grasshopper meet again. The grasshopper asks the ant why he continues to work and the ant replies that winter will soon be here and he recommends that the grasshopper make some provisions of his own.  The ant continues to collect food and is finally ready for winter. The grasshopper takes no action and continues with his life as normal.

The grasshopper is shocked to wake up one morning to find the whole meadow covered in snow and no food. He searches high and low and can only find a few husks and barely scrapes by. He becomes hungry and thin and life is very miserable. Weeks pass and eventually he finds the ant in his nest where it is warm and there is plenty of food. The grasshopper asks if he can share some of the ant’s food. The ant replies that he told the grasshopper all through summer and autumn that winter was coming. He should have made his own provision for the hard times that lay ahead. Instead he chose the ridicule and ignore ant. Unfortunately, says the ant I only have enough for my family. At that point the grasshopper realises what he should have done and that he has acted foolishly.

So are you and ant or a grasshopper? If you are a grasshopper what will you do?

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